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Coreboard — Sculpting the Future of Fitness

Reimagined and Reinvigorated: Coreboard's Bold Leap Back into the Market

Imagine launching a groundbreaking fitness product with the potential to redefine core training, yet standing at zero sales and burdened by a past fraught with misdirection and financial loss. Coreboard found itself in this exact predicament: a brilliant product concept mired in the aftermath of an unfruitful partnership and facing the daunting task of a market introduction. 

That's where we stepped in, harnessing momentum to fuel explosive growth.

Flexing through Fiction

Coreboard’s "pre-mafia" debut was like a whisper in a storm—barely heard above the roar of established fitness giants. With a product still being handmade and costs soaring higher than an eagle, they were stuck. 

Add to that a past partnership that left them lighter by $75K and no closer to their dream, they needed a partner capable of not just navigating the product launch but owning it—end to end.


Sales Growth


Total Revenue


New Customers


Conversion Rate




Prep Time (Days)

Achieving Peak (Sales) Performance

In the span of four months, Coreboard experienced unprecedented growth, soaring from zero to $200K in monthly sales, a testament to the multifaceted strategy we employed. This remarkable achievement not only highlighted the effectiveness of our approach but also underscored the synergistic impact of increasing conversion rates and ROAS while simultaneously decreasing operational costs. 

All of this illustrates a holistic success story that transformed Coreboard's market presence and set a new benchmark for fitness industry innovations.

Beyond the Numbers

Coreboard’s journey from concept to market leader is a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnership and innovation. It’s a narrative of turning challenges into opportunities and ambitions into achievements. This case study isn’t just about the remarkable sales figures or the operational efficiencies gained; it’s about setting a new standard in the fitness industry and proving that with the right strategy, vision, and execution, every goal is within reach.

Digital Marketing and Sales

With the brand and creative foundation set, our digital marketing efforts amplified Coreboard's presence exponentially. Targeted PPC and SEM campaigns, coupled with strategic influencer collaborations, not only enhanced visibility but also significantly boosted the conversion rate and ROAS.

Creative Breakthrough

Our creative strategy centered around a commercial that wasn't just advertising but a declaration of Coreboard's market arrival. This masterpiece redefined the product's image, inspiring both the client and their customers to see Coreboard as the pinnacle of core training innovation.

Brand Evolution

The transformation of Coreboard's brand identity was pivotal. Through strategic rebranding, we positioned Coreboard as a premium fitness product, imbuing it with the sophistication and allure of a billion-dollar brand. This wasn't just a facelift; it was a complete identity overhaul that resonated deeply with our target audience.

Business Model

We started with the fundamentals, optimizing Coreboard's business operations to enhance profitability. This involved a thorough analysis and restructuring of their COGS, packaging, and shipping strategies, ultimately reducing costs and paving the way for scalable growth.

(Foam)-rolling out the Strategy

Our mission was clear: catapult Coreboard from obscurity to market sensation. This comprehensive strategy was meticulously designed to address every facet of the business, from operational efficiency to market presence.

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