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Meater — The Culinary World's Connectivity King

Zero to Hero: Meater's Recipe for Success

Meet Meater, the trailblazing Bluetooth meat thermometer that's transforming kitchens and backyards worldwide. Fresh off the prototype stage and zero sales to boast, they were ready to heat up the market but needed that special sauce only we could cook up.

The Heat is On:
The Challenge

With hundreds of thousands sunk into making Meater a reality, the stakes were sky-high. This launch wasn't just their debut; it was a make-or-break moment. 

Fail, and it wasn't just dreams going up in smoke but potentially half a mil in investments too.


Return on Ad Spend


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New Customers


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Total Impressions

The Feast After the Fire (Results)

Meater's launch transcended goals, multiplying initial sales targets sixfold to $1.2M in the first month, a leap from zero. Our tailored branding, compelling content, and strategic online engagement turned their innovative product into a household name. 

This overwhelming response not only confirmed Meater's market fit but also paved the way for its acquisition by Traeger Grills, marking a triumph in product launch strategy and digital marketing excellence.

Reflecting by the Fire

Trusted with Meater's launch, we knew failure wasn't on the menu. The result? A product launch that didn't just exceed expectations—it rewrote the recipe book for success. It was a testament to the power of believing in a dream and the magic that happens when you combine a groundbreaking product with a killer go-to-market strategy.

This case study not only showcases Meater's incredible journey from prototype to market leader but also underlines the importance of strategic branding, storytelling, and targeted marketing in turning innovative products into market sensations.

Digital Marketing

With a landscape as competitive as the kitchen, visibility is key. We leveraged a hearty mix of press outreach, captivating motion graphics, and pinpointed advertising to ensure Meater wasn’t just another gadget — it was the must-have tool for any culinary enthusiast. Our strategy didn’t just catch eyes; it captured imaginations.

Creative Direction

Launching Meater’s digital front door wasn’t about pushing a product; it was about weaving a narrative. We designed their debut landing page to be a scroll-through saga, speaking directly to the hearts of home cooks and BBQ aficionados. It told of precision, of culinary dreams fulfilled — a story where every meal is a masterpiece.

Branding & Design

We embraced the Meater name, infusing every aspect of their visual identity with elegance and appeal. From product to lifestyle photography, everything was meticulously crafted to reflect the product's innovative nature. The outcome was more than just a brand; it was a visual feast for the senses.

Business Consulting

Understanding the grill wasn't our only forte; we also got into the meat of Meater's business strategy. From pricing to competitive analysis and market fit — we left no stone unturned. 

We fine-tuned their launch plan, ensuring the sizzle wasn’t just in the steak but in their sales strategy, paving the way for their mouth-watering success and eventual acquisition.

Strategy that Sizzles

Our approach? A blend of precision and flair. Meater had the tech, but we added the zest with clean, captivating aesthetics for their branding and digital presence. Here's how we spiced it up:

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