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Stone Brewing Co. — Icons of Craft Beer.

Brewing Success: Stone Brewing Co.'s Groundbreaking Beers Collaboration to fund a 44,000 Sqft Brewery and Beer Garden in Berlin.

Let’s talk about Stone Brewing Co., an absolute behemoth in the craft beer world with a fanbase that’s nothing short of legendary. 

These guys aren't just innovators, they're die-hards committed to authenticity. 

So, when they set their sights on a massively ambitious project (the largest brewery and beer gardens in all of Europe), they had to do it right. 

No selling out, no compromises, no surrender.

The Challenge

Stone's CEO, Greg Koch's got this "big, hairy, audacious" goal: to open Europe's largest brewery and gardens by a US company, and he's gonna do it in Berlin.

But here’s the catch – they wanted to fund the project while engaging and growing their community at the same time.

It had to be slick, it had to scream Stone, and it couldn’t look like they were passing the hat around.

This is where we came in.


Marketing ROI


Total Revenue


New Customers


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Results that Raise a Glass

Stone Brewing's campaign shattered expectations, reflecting in their sales and market presence. Our strategic blend of organic digital marketing and compelling storytelling catapulted their brand to new heights. 

Notably, the campaign generated unprecedented engagement across platforms, significantly boosted website traffic, and increased direct sales, firmly establishing Stone as a leader in the craft beer revolution. 

This success story not only reinforced their market position but also attracted a broader audience, eager to experience Stone’s bold flavors and authentic brewing ethos.

Reflections over a Pint

Breaking ground on the Berlin project was a huge deal, but the real takeaway? Stone Brewing showed the world that big dreams and bold moves pay off, all while sticking to their guns. This project was a wild ride that proved with the right mix of creativity, strategy, and digital savvy, you can pull off just about anything.

Digital Marketing and Sales

We fueled Stone Brewing's online presence, driving organic growth through social media, SEO, and content marketing. Our strategy crafted narratives that resonated, enhancing brand visibility and driving sales via digital channels, marking a new era in the craft beer landscape without traditional ads.

Creative Collaboration

We teamed up with Stone Brewing, blending creativity with their iconic brews. Our collaboration spanned from vivid brand storytelling to designing eye-catching visuals that captured the essence of each unique beer. This partnership brewed a compelling narrative that engaged fans and sparked curiosity, amplifying Stone’s distinct identity in the craft beer cosmos.

Press and Media Relations

Our strategy illuminated Stone Brewing’s latest ventures, engaging the press and media with stories that poured beyond the pint glass. We orchestrated a campaign that highlighted their innovative projects and community impact, securing coverage in key outlets. This exposure elevated Stone’s presence, drawing new aficionados to their bold flavors and steadfast values.

Business Consulting

We immersed ourselves in Stone Brewing’s strategy, tackling pricing, competitive landscape, and product-market fit. Our consultancy extended beyond hops, fine-tuning their crowdfunding to resonate with their bold brand values. This effort laid the groundwork for their successful expansion, cementing their legacy in craft beer.

Strategy Unbottled

Our strategy was for Stone to partner with 14 of the biggest names in craft brewing to create ultra-rare, single-run, beer collaborations that would be talked about for years.

This wasn’t about just making beer; it was about making history. And doing it in a way that gets everyone excited and involved, without traditional advertising (and somehow, someway, abiding by all state and federal alcohol regulations).

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